Doctor* /Owner


Soda Jerk

Tyson is an ever buoyant, beacon of calm amidst our daily storms.  Though not actually a doctor, his creativity and knowledge of fermentation is applied in many aspects far beyond our day to day cooking. From naturally fermented sodas like the Maple Cream Soda (and other Dr. Everitt’s Peculiar Elixers), to fresh cheese and cheese ageing, Tyson has a wide array of skills that dazzle our guests and ourselves. A self-proclaimed ‘Vegetable Enthusiast’, he takes the amazing produce available to us here in Stratford and lifts it to the next level, with terrines and chutneys that will make you question your carnivorous tendencies. A proud father of two, Tyson tries to maintain a work-life balance and we try to help by letting him head home early from time to time.


*Not a real doctor